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The New Generation III Alcohol and Marijuana Sensing House Arrest Ankle Bracelet With Active GPS Is Now Available!

Electronic Monitoring Just Got Better!

How is This House Arrest Bracelet Different?

House Arrest Bracelet This new house arrest bracelet has extraordinary alcohol and marijuana sensing capabilities
The bracelet that is affectionately named the Tattle TaleTM (patent pending.)

GPS Tracking

geofence-screenshot21A judge, when setting the conditions of probation/house arrest, may stipulate that an offender not use alcohol or marijuana and that the same offender must stay out of certain geographic areas or be in certain geographic areas(house arrest/curfew) by certain times. In matters involving domestic violence offenders or sex offenders, the active GPS technology offers the option to create a “Geo-Fence” whereby a specific location or geographical area may be identified as a restricted area to the offender simply by using the “Geo-Fence” option from the user interface software mapping feature.

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